Masuria – Marine Club

We organised an employee meeting for our client from the power industry at the Marine Club hotel in the Polish region of Masuria. Apart from official meetings, we also had the opportunity to participate in Ryszard Majewski's Cooking Academy, where we learnt how to cook Moroccan-style, and in the evening we consumed the fruits of our labour at an event called "night with Scheherazade". The following day, we played football and tennis.

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Odyssey in Kielce

For our client from the IT industry, we organised product training in the Odyssey hotel near Kielce.

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The Capital of Britain

It's one of the most beautiful and interesting places on earth; a place seething with sites whose number is so great one would be unable to visit all of them even if they spent a year in this wonderful city. We only had a few days to show our participants from the fuel industry the most interesting places. And we think we did quite well. They were all very happy with the trip and determined to go back to this exciting city.

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